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Friday Humor: #ButUGotThatiPhoneTho

As I sit here low man on the Totem Pole with Uncle RZA (Ramon) running the ship these days,k I can now enjoy life and Mobility Digest a little more without the overwhelming pressure to crank out content, answer questions, and worry if someone is going to blow up the site! Instead, I can worry about stupid stuff like the newest hash mark on Twitter called #ButUGotThatiPhoneTho

I have been cracking up for the last 5 minutes reading! Former Admin Editors Note, some material is very offensive. Shocker right? You have been to Twitter before yes?

@Ratchet2English: U still won’t buy a  decent weave… #ButUGotThatiPhoneTho

@2ChainzLyrics: Ducks feeding you bread at the park… #ButUGotThatiPhoneTho

@Marie215_: Roaches Twerkin in your Bathroom… #ButUGotThatiPhoneTho

Like I said, a lot of it ain’t the most politically correct, but since I don’t have to be politically correct anymore, have fun with it! If you didn’t like this post, please complain to Ramon and send him my warmest regards! LMAO!!!

Seriously, he is doing a great job! Now back off to low rent slackin’!