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Google Shopping Express, Amazon’s competition?

Here is something to be happy about if you’re a big online shopper. Google is reportedly working on a service called “Google Shopping Express,” which is supposed to be a direct rival to Amazon’s believed Prime service. For $80 a year, Amazon’s Prime can get your free two day shipping on most items, and they even throw in some free video on their video service. Google however, is looking to undercut Amazon by $10 at a starting price of $70 a year and they’ll be doing same day delivery?! Whoa!

No real details as yet, but rumored partners were Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Safeway. Google already has some good supporting infrastructure in place like Google Shopping and even the Google Wallet on the devices, this could work out very well for them. This puts me in a tough spot as a Amazon Prime user, I’ll continue to watch this one close.