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HTC Windows Phones Eternity and Omega specs revealed

Here is something to get Windows Phone fans excited about this morning! We have been talking about leaked information on the HTC Eternity (here) and Omega (here & here) Windows Phones and today we are finally getting some concrete specs from HTC ahead of the announcement. Check it out:






















Both devices obviously running Windows Phone version 7.5 aka Mango both pack a Snapdragon MSM8255 1.5GHz single core processor from Qualcomm, 8 mega pixel rear camera and a front facing 1.3 shooter and dual LED flash for the Eternity only at this point as it is not mentioned for the Omega. The Omega, dressed out in white with a silver trim is sporting a 3.8 LCD screen while the Eternity is said to have the 4.3 Super LCD screen but however is not mentioned in the ad above. 

The leaked photos of the Omega really look nice and will give the HTC device a very nice retail consumer appeal. The Eternity however with the rumored 4.7 inch screen looks more like the beast for me cloaked all in black. The Eternity definitely looks like a nice successor to the HD7 from T-Mobile and the HD7s from AT&T. I think the only disappointment from the Eternity will be the screen quality. Comparing the Samsung Focus and iPhone 4 to that of the HD7 is quite humbling for HTC.

More great news for HTC and patiently awaiting Mango consumers looking to finalize their device selection.

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