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Implode! Is Next Week’s XBL WP7 Game

This is always my favorite email for the week:

Deal of the Week:

Zombies are on the hunt for brains when “Zombies Attack! 2” comes to Windows Phone for just $1.99. This tower-defense game pits you against a zombie apocalypse, and it’s up to you to defend your ground and fight for your life! Features include new upgrades to weapons and defenses, four new maps with five intense challenges each, six types of brain-chowing zombies and online leaderboards to measure your skills against friends!

New Release:

Starting this week, get ready for an exciting color-matching puzzler when “COLLAPSE!” comes to Windows Phone for $2.99. With award-winning gameplay, all-new customizable characters, and a variety of game modes, the challenge never ends! Test your wits and reflexes in Classic, Strategy, Puzzle, Relapse and Panic Attack modes by using explosive power-ups and powerful upgrades to blast through to victory!

Coming Soon:

Watch for “Implode!” available for $2.99 in the Games Marketplace next week.

Implode! is similar to iBlast Moki in a way. Just take a look:

I like it already. Looking forward to this one.

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