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Instagram blocking and deleting Windows Phone Photos?

Upon my early morning rise, part of my ritual is to upload an image to Instagram, think of it as my cup of coffee. Boy oh boy was I not expecting to see my image deleted before my very eyes as if nothing happened.

Well then, I am not going crazy, according to The Verge and Windows Phone popular third party app developer Daniel Gary, Instagram is going out of their way to delete images uploaded to the picture sharing service.

Daniel is unsure as to how Instagram is going this, simply calling it “magic.” He then says, as far as he can tell, he is doing everything the exact same way Instagram’s own first party client does. There is some talk going around as to if it could be the exif data left in the images that would allow Instagram to identify a Windows Phone upload.

I really couldn’t care less at this point, I’ve done my fair share of embracing and even defending for the Instagram platform, to see them turn around and alienate Windows Phone users like this, not cool. And so, with little to no effort, I say, Good bye Instagram, it was fun while it lasted.