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Just GTFO, Sean

So, Surur vented about WP-bashing blogging, and in what I’d call a loosely-written satirical apostrophe he tells some other blogger that, like Windows Phone, has no need to exist, Surur suggests politely that the man kill himself, and of course everyone flips out.

Me, I like that sort of fervor we get from Surur from time to time (in contrast to Pradeep, whose obsession with patents seems to distract him from opening up with his emotions to the world with respect to wishing death on bloggers). It doesn’t upset me. If he suggested I killed myself, I’d take it in stride and write a tongue-in-cheek article complimenting his writing for the irony.

Others however have a different reaction, they are turned off by the likes of Surur’s article, and even though there are things about WMPoweruser they may like, that rhetoric is just too much to bare, so they decide to aim their browsers at WPCentral or whatever instead. Which is great, nothing wrong with that, and hey, looking at our Google Analytics it happens to us all the time!

But what I take exception to is these self-righteous jive turkeys that post these “I’ve been coming here for thirty years but you’ve crossed the line and I’m leaving for good” comments, like this one from alleged ex-WMPoweruser-er Sean:

We know it’s a diatribe Sean, we read the same thing you did. While I’d say assessing Surur’s subjective content is itself a subjective thing to do, you’re obviously entitled not to like things anymore, and leave. But why must you share your self-righteous disillusionment before you depart? Do you think your little comment will successfully send Surur a strong enough signal to change his ways? Do you just want to rub his nose in what you think is subpar writing? Are you trying to provoke other readers to do the same? Are you letting him know as a courtesy to Surur in case he starts to wonder if you died after you stop commenting? Is this such a powerful moment for you that you feel you have to drop a coda onto your WMPU era with a press release like this?

Just get the hell out, Sean; plenty of other places to get your Microsoft news — and plenty of guys like me who enjoys wilder-than-usual writing to take your place in his audience. Life goes on for you, Surur, and, God willing, this other blogger Surur doesn’t care for.

With this freed-up time on your hands you now have as a result of no longer frequenting WMPoweruser, perhaps you can come here and explain to me why you just had to make that comment. Or maybe you already are here. If the latter, and you don’t like how I don’t like how you publicly don’t like Surur’s work anymore, and it’s enough to tip you over the edge and leave this site too, while I would prefer you to comment about it just because I want to get more traffic and any sort of comment would help that, just as Surur “suggested” this guy kill himself, I suggest you leave quietly.

Not for nothing Sean, but for a guy who knows big fancy words like regression, what are you doing on WMPU anyway for all these years? Just kidding WMPU, you guys are all obviously very smart, with your fruity tiles, optimization and 1308 firmware updates…

Doug Simmons