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Mobility Digest Quick Look: Microsoft KIN One

A lot of buzz about the Microsoft KIN this week and our own Kristofer Brozio gets his hands on one and lets us take a look as he takes his very first look. So let’s check it out:

If you haven’t heard about the Microsoft KIN One, it has the smaller keyboard and would better suit the one handed text guy as opposed to the KIN Two that has the longer screen and more rectangular keyboard. The Kin on has some pretty nice swiping going on and comes equipped with a 5 megapixel shooter with Flash. Another pretty cool feature is the 4gb of memory that will hold about 1K of songs powered by a Zune Media Player.

But if you are ready to buy, you can head on over to Verizon and pay $49.99 for the KIN One and $99.99 for the KIN Two after signing your mobile life away for two years. And don’t forget to facture in another 30 bucks a month to Verizon for their data package you will have to get along with your KIN to keep connected.

For even more than I just blurted out about the KIN, head on over to their website HERE or head on over to Verizon with your favored credit card by CLICKING HERE.