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MobilityLeaks: SkyDrive is Modern-ized

Today we bring you the new, Modern SkyDrive!

Jim S: Interesting. Just tried to get a look at the new SkyDrive via my Hotmail account and no change. Tried refreshing, no lick. Even closed and cleared browsing history. Still no change.
Opened my new Outlook, and yet unused, account and SkyDrive has the new look. I don’t get it. So you have to use an Outlook account to get the new view. Why?

Murani: I used my to login and I had the new look. It’s really nice.

Jim S: Hmm. Wtf. I even tried logging in directly from Both Live and Hotmail are NG. Gonna have to try on other machines.

Ok, so on the Vista machine, Hotmail showed new look, Live showed old look. Went back to the XP machine and Hotmail was now showing the new look while Live still showed the old look.
Conclusion: MS is still rolling this out across their servers. Will probably take another 24 hours for everyone to see it.

Murani: Yeah I think the rollout was originally supposed to be completed tomorrow but they have been releasing updates early as a trend.

2 Bunny: Is the new one even worse then the last update?

Ramon: It couldn’t get any worse than google… What’s its name….

Jim S: Actually, after looking at the new one for about 30 seconds, I have to agree with you. The old one looks likes ****. Won’t even try logging in till tomorrow night cause I want to get that old crap look out of my mind. Hope I never have to see it again.
Btw, the new one is gorgeous. Windows 8 and Metro….I mean Modern is going to change everything. Really.