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My subway analysis says windows phone is doing just fine

My subway analysis says windows phone is doing just fine

I reside in the lovely city of New York, and in the great NYC one of its many marvels comes in the form of public transportation. Entertainment is plentiful and crowd sourcing couldn’t be better.

Crowd sourcing you say? Indeed! We all know I am unlike normal people, I go places and pay little to no attention to people, instead I key into what devices they are using. In my ignorant skin, I choose to judge people by the devices they use, surprisingly I am usually spot on. The NYC subway is perhaps the best place in the world to device spot, not only is everyone deeply emerged in their gadgets on the train, but there is always a ton of people to watch.

Because I’ve been working in Brooklyn for the past few months, its been a while since I’ve been device watching, but today I decided to take a trip into the city to renew my vows.

10 minutes into my guilty pleasure I was surprised! I spotted a Lumia 900, white to be exact. My device watching skills had failed me. The middle aged lady using the device seemed well occupied by her excel spreadsheet. She was obviously some sort of executive…. Whoa.

But that wasn’t it. From Atlantic to times square I spotted two more windows phone devices. A red Lumia 920 and a HTC Titan II. Whoa! The Lumia 920 was a brightly dressed skate board teen, he was well into some word game I’ve yet to identify. The Titan II owner was a way down and I couldn’t tell what he was doing, but he looked entertained to say the least.

Well then, I’ve been known to wave my Windows Phone flag from side to side with little to no regard for reason, but today was indeed a treat. Although there weren’t any where close to as many iPhones or Android (which by the way was the majority of what I saw,) Windows Phone was accounted for. So, what does this mean? People are sipping the WP juice, that’s all.