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Pocket Vuvuzela: Make Some Noise

I’m not a soccer fan, I live in the US after all, but I can see a few reasons to become one.. and I have no clue even how to pronounce vuvuzela but from what I understand they’re rather annoying… But now you can get a free iPhone app so you can annoy your friends as well…

"PocketVuvu" was created for the iPhone and allows you to bring the tradition of the Vuvuzela into your home at a not-so-annoying noise level. Despite initiatives to ban the vuvuzela it is the sound of World Cup 2010. With this app, you can blow, shake or press the soccer ball to make the distinctive vuvuzela horn sound.

The free app is available via iTunes store and fans can scroll to find any of the 32 vuvuzelas that represents their team. The app is also capable of playing 4 different vuvuzela sounds and supports English, Portuguese and Spanish.

So no matter where you are you can show (sound) your pride.

PocketVuvu is available on iTunes at

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