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Quadra is a New Take on Shooter Games

From the OccasionalGamer, who brought us Impossible Shoota and Scribble Defense comes Quadra.  It’s a multi-touch turret defense shooter, similar to Impossible Shoota in that if a single enemy touches you, it’s “game over”(although this is no longer the case with Impossible Shoota).  In Quadra you control a single, stationary turret in the center of the screen.  Your goal is to prevent any of the enemies from reaching you.  As you level up, you will unlock additional gunners.  They default as stationary positions but you can control them with your other fingers.  You can unlock a total of 4 gunners which is pretty hard to manage alone.  Each gun shoots a steady stream of “bullets” and if you target enemies by hovering over them, you will fire missiles that lock on and follow a given target(essentially doubling your firepower).  In case you can’t keep the enemy at bay with your 4 guns + missile batteries, there are 3 bombs you can activate by tapping on the bomb icons located at the bottom of the screen. 

Overall, I found the game to be visually pleasing.  The visuals not quite different from Impossible Shoota but the sound effects are clearly reused.  This might be strange if you’re used to hearing them in Impossible Shoota, but they fit perfectly with the game.  The game starts off kind of slow, but that gives you time to get used to the controls.  You level up pretty quickly and controlling 4 crosshairs is very intense.  I settled on a good way to hold the device while trying to position and control all of my fingers.  I bet this would make a great game to play with a friend.  Each player could control 2 gunners and if you have a 4”+ screen there should be more than enough room.  If anyone is interested, it’s a free download from the Zune Marketplace. 










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