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SPB Mobile Shell Hits v3.5.1

November 11, 2009 Spb releases a few updates to their UI. (So I’m a day late…)

So what’s in it for us?? Check it out…..

  • Fix: SPB Pocket Plus close button makes Shell unresponsive
  • Fix: Set Ringtone doesn’t work for Contacts
  • Fix: Added current conditions threshold for weather widget
  • Fix: Agenda: One day is shown twice, 25 осt date is the transition to "winter" time
  • Fix: 3D SMS viewer: First word disappears after enter
  • Fix: Twitter issues fixes
  • Fix: Kinetic scrolling doesn’t stop on Asus P565
  • Fix: 3D SMS viewer: Picture is absent
  • Fix: 3D viewer: Date isn’t shown for SMS and Email
  • Fix: 3D email viewer: First account always shows
  • Fix: Birthday widget doesn’t update itself when contact info is changed
  • Fix: New filter category is available only after MS restart
  • Fix: Task widget makes task sychronization with Outlook longer
  • Fix: Appointment list can become empty
  • Feature: introduced default action for weather widget (now choose between "Open forecast" and "Open conditions")

Get the updated here: