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Taptu Brings Search for Touch-Friendly Content to Android with New App

Key Facts:

  • Taptu, the fastest way to search the touch-friendly web, has launched an Android app, providing users with search results that are optimized for viewing on Android phones.
  • Android users now have the ability to quickly and easily discover new touch-friendly content in an easy-to-use interface, including web content, images and the freshest, most buzzed-about realtime content delivered through OneRiot’s API. 
  • Taptu returns touch-friendly results, eliminating the frustrations caused by using a search engine designed for the desktop on an Android phone, which can provide results that take upwards of a minute to load over cellular networks.
  • This is the first release of Taptu’s Android app and a light application utilizing the platform’s browser; additional capabilities such as sharing onto Twitter and Facebook and market app searching will be available in the next version along with improved app functionality

Key Features of the Taptu Android App:

  • Search the Touch Friendly Web: Taptu’s Android app allows users to search through millions of touch-friendly sites for the latest news, blogs, images and realtime buzz.
  • Android-Friendly Results: Taptu’s Android provides results that are optimized for viewing on a touch interface phone, which eliminates the hassle of resizing, pinching and refocusing sites.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest buzz: Taptu’s home page presents people with the hot topics trending on the realtime social web – providing a great way to keep up with the latest buzz when you’re on-the-go.

Steve Ives, founder and CEO of Taptu: “With touch-friendly web content continuing to grow, it is vital to make search as simple as possible, while providing users with the most relevant content on their touch devices. Taptu’s Android app allows users to quickly and easily search through results designed for their phones in an intuitive visual interface.


The Taptu app is now available for free download and is compatible with Android version 1.5 and above.

Download the Free Taptu Touch Search App:

  • For Android – Free from the Android Market
  • For iPhone and iPod touch – Free from the App Store or click here.

Also available on any mobile browser at

If you’re the owner of a touch-optimized site, then ensure you’re on Taptu by submitting your site here.