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thinksound Announces ts02+mic

I’ve reviewed thinksound products here before, and they’re very good. They’ve just introduced a new product called the ts02+mic that’s compatible with most smartphones. The ts02+mic is a set of thinksound ts02 headphones with an in-line microphone for making calls. So you get good sound for your media and then you can make and receive calls as well.

thinksound announces the release of the ts02+mic, in-ear 8mm high-definition headphone with integrated microphone and call control, the first of its kind from the company.

After a great reception for its first two headphones (rain and ts01), thinksound is proud to debut the ts02+mic. This headphone will be compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and most Blackberry models and smart phones. The ts02+mic features reduced speaker diameter and housing size to provide better ergonomics, upgraded acoustics for more accurate sound reproduction, and a wider sound-stage compared to the previous models.

“The ts02+mic is an amazing headphone. We have improved comfort, packaging and the overall sound,” stated Aaron Fournier, President and CEO of thinksound. “This is one of the best sounding audio products I have ever worked on.”

Like previous models, the ts02+mic will be available in two finishes – silver/cherry and black/chocolate. All thinksound headphones include four different-sized silicon earbuds to ensure a comfortable fit. A cotton carrying case pouch is also included to carry the headphones, and includes room for an iPod, iPhone, and many other popular MP3 players.

thinksound now offers three different headphone models; the new ts02+mic in-ear 8mm high-definition headphone with integrated microphone and call control; rain in-ear 9mm high-definition headphone with passive noise isolation and ts01 in-ear 10mm high-definition headphone with passive noise isolation and enhanced bass. All are available in silver/cherry or black/chocolate.

thinksound headphones are assembled primarily from renewable, recyclable resources like wood and aluminum, and feature PVC-free cables. The packaging is made from bleach-free recycled cardboard and eliminates the common plastic pieces normally associated with headphone packaging.