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Verizon Starts Loading the Marketplace For WP7 Launch

Verizon branded apps are showing up in the Marketplace. This is indicating that their launch is imminent (can you say Jan 7th?). One real oddity here is that we’ve seen countless times that apps are ‘approved’ but not released into the market, so why would they release it into the market if they weren’t ready to sell it? Oh well, their misstep is our news.

The Netflix and Slacker Radio apps don’t appear to have anything special compared to the market version currently available so I’m guessing they will be preloaded on the phones. I can’t think of any other reason for it (unless there’s some free trials involved). My Verizon Mobile is just “Access your Verizon Wireless account using the My Verizon application. Find your balance, usage, payments, update Friends and Family, features and services.”

via WMPowerUser

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