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WP7 Apps Today: Bowling, Passwords, Twitter and Photo Editing

imageI’ve got a bunch of WP7 preview apps today so let’s just do it in one post. First up is Robot Strike, an XNA 3D bowling game. You play as a robot and each has its own strength. There’s a physics engine behind the pins falling that works well and there’s universal rankings. Here it is in action

Next up is ptr Pass which is a password manager with AES encryption. The only irony here is that the app is clearly done in an iPhone theme and after seeing so many WP7 apps in Metro it’s a little strange to me. Nonetheless, the app works as advertised. Here it is:

Let’s do Beezz next. it’s a Twitter app using the panorama controls and it looks great. It also seems pretty fluid to go through different users and Twit pics are displayed within the app. otherwise it seems to beautifully cover all of the Twitter categories and requirements you’d want. Check it out:

Finally let’s get to Imazing which is a photo editing app.

Some of the effects are 1) Rotation 2) Pixellate 3) Distort 4) Black & white 5) Sepia 6) Crop etc.
You don’t have to worry if you do something wrong, you can always refresh to go to the original photo or undo the last change you made.As a bonus feature, "Imazing" also keeps the last 4 photos you edited and open them to edit them…

Let’s go to the video

Not bad at all for a Saturday…