WP 8.1 is growing up. How would you change it?

This is seems like an obligatory post that pops up on Engadget at least once every two days and they’re getting paid the big bucks so I figured let’s give it a whirl.  I will however [...]

So what’s your WP 8.1 battery life like?

We’ve been all over the board here at the staff since the update.  Some of us are claiming constant non-stop drain and others are doing okay.  I can’t say we’ve had anyone reporting massive increases in [...]

Comcast gets more of what they want.

Following the Netflix and Comcast agreement we get reports today that Netflix speeds have magically increased from around 1.5Mbps to over 2.  Seems like Comcast, with an extra influx of money from Netflix, was able to [...]

What feature are you using most in WP8.1?

Most people are locked on to this idea that Cortana is the WP 8.1 show stopper.  I disagree.  Digital assistants and I have a very tumultuous relationship in every iteration that has existed.  Voice controls just [...]

How do you choose your theme?

I’ve been experimenting with themes on my new yellow 1020.  I don’t really dig the yellow tiles myself so I’ve been using blue.  What I also realized is that once I find my comfort color, I [...]

The rough road to Windows 8.1.1, which is what we’re calling it I suppose.

So a few days after the update is always a time of trials and tribulations as people settle back into their routines and try and accomplish all their every day tasks with the updated version of [...]

WP 8.1 should arrive early next week…

Reports of the 10th have obviously become erroneous at this point.  Looking over to WPCentral, they’ve pegged a date for either the 14th or 15th, which would jive well with reports from Microsoft about being the [...]

Google has to remove the top paid app in store… because it’s spamtastic.

I’ve been waiting all day wondering whether or not to post this.  I was going to try and be patient so that Simmons could get a chance to defend his all might leaders but then I [...]

Windows 8.1 is here. Go get it. (Timmy sets me straight. Incremental 8.1 update.)

Now calm down folks. If you’re like me you read that and thought you were about to be doing some phone updates. Not true. This is desktop OS update for Windows 8 to 8.1. Story broke [...]

Belfiore says 8.1 going out in Dev Preview the first part of April.

Just saw this hit twitter.  Still no exact date for when this will happen but keep your eyes peeled between now and then.  I’ve heard as early as the 10th or as late as the 14th [...]