MobilityLeaks: Go Go Google Glass Pervy Spycam!

Doug Simmons: I think Google Glass is one product I would have preferred Google to make a little harder to root, given the potential validity of some of the premature criticisms...

MobilityLeaks: Oh, Snap View!

Doug Simmons: Microsoft just lowered its minimum tablet res to 1024x768, which breaks W8’s “snap view” capabilities, in a pathetic attempt to get some OEM love. Matt Anderson: I've asked this before and ill ask it again. What in the F do you need higher resolution screens on 7 and 10" screens? Do you have super [...]

MobilityLeaks: TSS No Joke, Jerks (Tampon App)

Kristofer: A tampon app now?!?! yeah… whatever.. – Tampon Minder David K: DO NOT READ THAT PR…it made me puke and reswallow. You’ve all been warned Doug Simmons: Toxic shock syndrome is no effing joke, you insensitive [...]

MobilityLeaks: Matt: Sprint’s Cornflakes Not Great

Ramon: T-Mo/MetroPCS merger approved, can someone grab this? Matt Anderson: These two are going to shit all over sprints cornflakes before too long. Im calling it now. Sprint is out as the number three carrier. Doug Simmons: For those trying to keep score, [...]

MobilityLeaks: Google Glass Banned, Sent from Windows Mail

Ram: Simmons this is for you, Google Glasses Banned. Now troll on our site with this and blame me all you want. Sent from Windows Mail Simmons: Google Glass.. Funny how you know a lot more about this product, or pet project, than I do. Perhaps if Microsoft were a little [...]

MobilityLeaks: More “Scroogled” FUD from Ram

Ram: WSJ article: Microsoft Backs School Privacy Bill Taking Aim at Google. Yeah, no one would have expected this when they have given away Chromebooks to students. /s Simmons: Expected what exactly, Microsoft lobbying for their own interests? Can't get through the linked article's WSJ article, not sure what you’re referring to. I mean, I'm sure there's something in there about Google announcing plans to spy on little kids through webcams and [...]

iOS 6.1 Adoption Rate 22% In 36 Hours After Launch

Yes I have been very critical of Apple's iOS 6.1 update and really iOS 6 in general. I didn't think that Apple put all their best into it and hence was...

Mobility Leaks: BlackBerry 10 Goes Under The Hammer

  Sure enough today was the day reserved for BlackBerry 10 to wow us and restore our faith. Did it? We take you behind the scenes for another edition of...

MobilityLeaks: Binders Full of Pageviews

On 01/23/13 David K wrote: Any way to share a WiFi connection in WP? Internet sharing doesn't work - its cell data only. This place charges per device and I'll make my surface public but if prefer to pay them for a single device. Thanks Stephen Mesik: There is a virtual WiFi adapter in Windows 7 and 8 that can do that with a network bridge to your “real” physical adapter. I don’t remember if it’s in RT. David K: When I connect on the Surface of asks if I want to share [...]

MobilityLeaks: Blame Corel and WordPerfect

Doug Simmons wrote: The Surface Pro won't come with Office? Really? Let's assume this isn't a joke. Why, if you were Microsoft, would you not include Office in this device? David K: No PC comes with Office preloaded for free. Surface RT is the first break and that's why there's no outlook...keeps it weak for business on purpose and puts corporate types on pro paying premiums. Only google can afford to give away all their products. [...]