Oh happy day, winphonatics everywhere are flipping out with excitement to confirm that the latest Windows Phone 7.8 update, build 8860, will fix that live tile glitch. While you wait for the OTA, go report your satisfaction on some magazine’s survey. Use Tor so that you can vote fifty times.


  1. One of the downside of posting whatever comes to your mind. So here, you got another check on your post count. Btw, that dog looks like he belongs on one of those late night commercials. Fido needs a steak, like now.

    Oh, and now that I have caught the new Live Tile bug, Microsoft definitely does not want me going anywhere to vote. Any way to hack a 100M addresses and vote with them. Maybe that will get someone in Redmond off their ass. We have a cruiser driving around on Mars, sending back photos and detailed analysis every second, and Microsoft can’t get a few tiles to update consistently.

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