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Blind Shot–Discrete Photo Taking For Windows Phones

So you’ve got your fancy Mango update and you want to give it a go on something neat? How about an app that lets you discretely take pics? So you look at a ‘how to’ screen and you can then tap a button to snap a picture but the viewfinder is either in mini in the corner or, if you want, you can make it so there’s no camera view on screen at all. And you can take it a step further and not save to camera roll (so it’s not part of the images people would see if the viewed your camera roll and won’t sync to SkyDrive) but you can move it later to the main camera roll. If you save it to local storage you can set a password and you can control the flash and the resolution. Here’s the official description:

Blind Shot is a camera application that allows you to take pictures without being noticed. You can use it anywhere to take those embarrassing pictures of your friends, without them realizing what you’re up to. Just open the app, point and shoot. You have an option to save your photos to your camera roll or to store them privately on your phone. If you choose to store them privately you even have an option to password protect them pictures so only you have access to them.

This is just the beginning but a great start to a free app and it’s sure to be popular. You can grab it here from Marketplace.