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Bloomberg Finance Joins The Windows Phone Marketplace With Draft Kit 2012

I don’t know if this means that a full blown Bloomberg finance app is on the way but having them develop for Windows Phones is a good start, even if they clearly used the description from the iPhone:

Easy-to-use tool for fantasy drafts, also updates player projections all season, and provides player rankings customized to your fantasy league’s settings. Bloomberg Sports’ Front Office 2012 Draft Kit features customized rankings and player information to help you prepare for your fantasy baseball draft and pick a winning team. Outsmart your friends by using draft lists tailored specifically to your league and scoring settings. Strategize with detailed information on every baseball player, including access to our unique Fantasy Factors. And when the draft kicks off, use the Draft Mode to keep you focused on the remaining available players.

A FEW OF OUR GAME CHANGING FEATURES INCLUDE: • Sync directly with your Yahoo!, CBS, and ESPN fantasy baseball leagues • Customized player rankings based on your league settings • Multiple draft lists to help you create an undefeatable draft strategy • Draft Mode for keeping track of available and taken players during the draft • Sort players based on your scored statistics • View how each player stacks up according to our unique Fantasy Factors

PLAYERS RANKED USING POWERFUL BLOOMBERG-RANK CALCULATIONS Our B-Rank algorithm takes into account hundreds of factors, including historical performance, projected performance, and your league’s scoring settings, to give you the best player rankings possible.

USE FANTASY FACTORS TO GET THE EDGE We rate each player across 9 Fantasy Factors so you can see hidden advantages such as who has an easy schedule, a history of injuries, a contract year, and more. T

RACK LIVE DRAFTS Once you’ve done your pre-draft research, take your iPhone into the draft and mark off players as they are drafted to keep track of the best remaining players.

It’s $3 and available here.