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Dell Streak at Best Buy $100 and AT&T Locked Froyo next year

I will take my iDoug Dark Lord mantle off and resume my normal news reporting by letting you all know that if you are on the fence about getting the Dell Streak, the Android 5 inch Tablet then you might be swayed by learning that Best buy is now offering the Dell Streak for $100.00 with a 2 year contract. not bad for a device yet to get some real traction. The lack of Froyo, Android 2.2 or even 2.1 at launch was hard for this awkward device to really build any momentum. Keep in mind that if you buy the Black Dell Streak it will come with Android 2.2, but the Red and the White version swill still have Android 1.6.

Click here to head on over to Best Buy to check out their special pricing.

Now the bad news. Dell apparently hasn’t found the right pencil pusher at AT&T to sign off on the Froyo update according to our favorite Dell Ambassador for Mobility Lionel Menchaca, he has posted on the blog that AT&T update will not happen this year and to look for it next year. This while Dell has been sending out an “Over The Air” update for their non locked devices as well as European Devices.

AT&T, why do you love to make us hate you?

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Stay tuned and we will keep you posted with more AT&T hiccups rolling out Froyo