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One Thing Google Sucks At

Figured I’d blow your mind today and talk trash against my true love, my darling Google. Total 180 on my part but I’m trying to build my street cred with all these Microsoft clowns surrounding me here.

All right so whenever I need a Windows driver for something that Windows can’t figure out for me I desperately turn to Google, bang in something like “creative sb x-fi driver xp 64” and instead of aiming me in a good direction I end up on these bait and switch driver download sites that make you take stupid surveys or download their own driver detector crap. Man I hate those.  Hate. Well wait, that search brings up the right thing, bad example, but I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about with this Google driver hunting hell.

These sites make a bunch of fake driver download pages for everything with circuits that’s ever been sold to get you on their site just to try to coerce you to install some shady software to solve all your problems. And I’m not talking about sponsored links, they’re top search returns. Given that no one’s paying them to give me a migraine, am I reaching for the stars to expect their fancy top secret ranking algorithms to figure out which sites have the actual drivers and which sites are garbage, and to sort accordingly? I’ve been living without sound for two weeks damnit. Gave up and plugged my speakers into my Nexus One.

On the other hand, the only reason I’ve needed these drivers in the first place is because Microsoft sucks.

Doug Simmons